Travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia by land | Entry conditions for residents and citizens

Travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia by land

Travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia by land, some citizens who reside in the UAE prefer to travel to Saudi Arabia by land where you can enjoy the spectacular views in the Arab desert that make man feel comfortable, relaxed and calm. The traveler can also learn about different cultures, especially if the itinerary passes through several countries. When travelling by land from the UAE to Saudi Arabia, there are some procedures and conditions where you can enter the country through the border ports that are located between the two countries. In this article and through Masknk Website, we will review the most important points on how to travel by land to Saudi Arabia from the UAE.

Is travel permitted from UAE to Saudi Arabia by land

Travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia by land

 Many citizens who want to travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia ask this question as travel has been banned due to the spread of the Covid 19. It is now possible to travel from the UAE to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by land while following all necessary precautionary measures for travel and movement from anywhere as the two countries seek to preserve citizens’ lives and limit the spread of the virus. Since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been witnessing throughout its history, many UAE citizens have consistently flocked to Saudi Arabia, whether by flight or through border ports.

Terms of Saudi Arabia entry from the UAE for citizens

 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now fully prepared to receive UAE citizens without requesting visas. All conditions are that they have a valid passport. We must state that the validity of the passport must not be less than 6 months.

Terms of Saudi Arabia Entry from UAE for Residents

 A visa must be invoked for residents to travel to the Kingdom, which depends on the resident’s nationality. The purpose of visiting is only for the purpose of tourism or for the performance of pilgrimage, umrah, work or any reason whatsoever.

 There are two ways to obtain an entry permit, the first being before travelling via the e-visa platform, and the second on arrival in the Kingdom through the visa offices of the Immigration Department.

Required paperwork for travel from UAE to Saudi Arabia by land

Travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia by land

 There are some paperwork and documents required for travel by land from the UAE to Saudi Arabia, including:

  1. Passport is available and valid for 6 months.
  2. Having a valid driver’s license, and valid car license.
  3. Provision of a valid smart card.
  4. UAE residents must obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia with the objective of visiting the country.
  5. The traveler must be certified as having received a coronavirus vaccine.
  6. Certification of PCR screening for travelers to ensure they do not have coronavirus.
  7. Adherence to all precautionary measures in travel and wearing a mask.
  8. Children less than 12 years old are excluded from the “PCR” test.
  9. The “PCR” certificate must be valid during the specified travel period; not pass 72 hours.

Travel from UAE to Saudi Arabia by car

Travel from the UAE to Saudi Arabia by land

 There are some procedures that take some time to make sure you can travel by car from the UAE to Saudi Arabia, including:

  1. A thorough and accurate technical inspection of the vehicle must be carried out at any reliable car service station.
  2. Before starting the journey, you must ensure the safety of the engine, glass wipers, tires, warning side lights, and brakes.
  3. Ensure the validity and functioning of the fire extinguisher.
  4. Do not use mobile phone while driving.
  5. Prevent children from sitting in front seats permanently.
  6. Attach seatbelt to all passengers while driving.
  7. Ensure that the fuel tank is packed and monitoring the fuel level of the vehicle and choose the suitable time to refill the tank from any gas station on the road.
  8. Rest should be taken while driving and when feeling exhausted and tired, you should stop immediately at the earliest break.
  9. You must take care when there are sudden weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, fog, sandstorms, etc.
  10. Read the driving instructions on the travel route.
  11. Know the journey distance before moving so that you are not surprised by your inability to continue.
  12. Do not take any special stimulant drugs before starting the journey.
  13. Get enough sleep before driving.

Advantages of Landing Travel

 Many people travel when summer vacation starts to enjoy the holiday. Some prefer to travel to nearby countries, others prefer to travel to distant countries and learn about different cultures. The most important benefits of travel by car from the UAE to Saudi Arabia are as follows:

  1. Enjoy the privacy and comfort.
  2. Easy movement within the country to which you will travel without the need to rent a car.
  3. The travel cost will be lower compared to other means.
  4. Enjoy all landscapes during the journey.
  5. Not to observe a specific weight, but the means of pleasure you wish can be taken unlike other means of travel.
  6. Listen and watch everything in the car without any complaint.

Travel from UAE to Saudi Arabia by bus

 Some may not be able to drive long distances and comply with the long distances. Therefore, you can travel through a dedicated carrier to Saudi Arabia, from these companies:

  1. Diamond Eagle Transport Company.
  2. Al Reem Land Transport Company.
  3. Levant Transport.
  4. Idrees Passenger Transport.

The distance between The UAE and Saudi Arabia is estimated to be 1026 kilometers, taking approximately 11 hours and 41 minutes only. If you are a fan of land travel, you can easily take this experience and enjoy it.

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