Villas For Sale In Akoya Dubai | Why you have to own there

Villas For Sale In Akoya Dubai

Why you have to own a villa in Akoya Dubai 

When you look for life with a unique experience, you will find no better villas for sale in Akoya Dubai, where you have all the means of luxury and comfort, enjoy wonderful water adventures and combine vitality and tranquillity. Your best choice is to acquire your fantasy home in this charming community.

About Akoya Dubai

Akoya Dubai is an unparalleled residential community in Dubai Land that has all the services and facilities where its residents need to go out to get their living requirements and close to the main road networks. It includes a range of distinctive associations and all kinds of residential connections to suit all families and there is still a lot of work in the near future to be a complex to which the owners of elegant and upscale life.

Where is Akoya Dubai?

Akoya Oxygen Dubai is located in a distinctive strategic location in Dubai Land where its residents facilitate access to the main areas in a few minutes so that Dubai Studios City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City through Alqadra Street . Dubai International Airport is only 30 to 35 minutes by car, the same duration as mainland, Mall of the Emirates and Al Maktoum International Airport, 40 minutes from Downtown Dubai and Commercial Bay, as well as Palm Jumeirah.

Why own villas for sale in Akoya Dubai?

  • The Akoya Dubai Complex ranks as one of the best desired complexes for residents in Dubai as it is one of the freehold areas making it an opportunity for investment and foreign investors.
  • The variety of options available between luxury apartments, townhouses and elegant villas with exquisite designs as well as state of the art written hotel rooms.
  • Approaches the main road networks.
  • Contain all services and leisure venues.
  • It is far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • It varies from 5 complexes such as Water City, Sports City, Automotive City, French City and Downtown making it an imaginative complex for a life of complete luxury and calm simultaneously.

Housing Benefits in Akoya Oxygen Dubai

There are many advantages in Akoya Dubai which makes it a desirable goal to live in Dubai where rents in residential complexes with available services and easy and comfortable life, among the most important.

  • Its distinctive strategic location in Dubai Land
  • Service facilities and many leisure places
  • Rents at rates commensurate with average income
  • The best target for investors because of its classification as the best investment area
  • Connects to the mainland through four main streets
  • Property diversity to suit newlywed families
  • Characterized as one of the conservation complexes where units are designed from energy saving materials, solar energy dependence, waste recycling and green energy use
  • Trump Golf and Garden Club built on 4 million square feet
  • Developer DAMAC Properties
  • Offers lifestyles similar to Beverly Hills

Property Types for Sale in Akoya Dubai

The Akoya Dubai Property Complex is one of the most in demand in Dubai. Many distinctive villas, luxury residential units with different spaces and a range of townhouses. There is an opportunity for those who want to construct homes with special designs and wider spaces to obtain and finish a piece of land as desired. Each villa and town house have their own gardens. The complex also has luxury apartments. China State Construction Engineering Company was hired to be the main executing company for the construction plan at Akoya Complex with approximately 1,200 apartments, 2,000 hotel rooms, 10,000 villas, townhouses and 650 villas with distinctive views of the golf course.

The units also vary depending on the number of rooms depending on the area where there are villas with 3 and 6 rooms, Town House with between 3 and 5 rooms, studio units and apartments between one bedroom and lounge and 3 bedrooms and a lounge, so all options are available to meet all desired needs in the residential units.

Villas price trend for sale in Akoya Dubai

Akoya Dubai is one of the best areas to buy villas for sale in Dubai in close proximity to Expo 2020 and its containment on a golf course at good prices and high services. It has become a desirable residential front. The villas have a price trend of about 1.3 million AED and there are also 3 rooms with prices below 2 million AED in the Villa Just Cavali designed by Italian designer Roberto Cavali With an area of about 1,900 square feet, 2-room villas are available at 1,075,000 AED and 4-bedroom villas with an average price of 1,591,000 AED. Villas are available at 5 bedrooms at 1,930,000 AED and 6-bedroom villas at an average price of 2,834,000 AED.

Lifestyle in Akoya Oxygen Dubai

The Akoya Dubai has an easy and comfortable lifestyle, giving its residents all their wellbeing, a quiet atmosphere and an integrated lifestyle.

Malls in Akoya Dubai: –

There are many malls that provide all the services that contain many shops to meet the requirements of the population, including

  • Dubai Outlet Mall is about 20 minutes from Al Ain Street and features an exhibition, lots of restaurants, entertainment facilities and lots of popular shops.
  • Mall City Land is 25 minutes away from the complex and is located in Wadi Al Safa. It is one of the best malls in Dubai and specializes in a central park.
  • Arabian Marabea Market is characterized by having all grocery supplies, sports and toys in one place.

Akoya Dubai Restaurants: –

It has many luxurious and popular restaurants and is easily accessible to restaurants in nearby areas such as Outlet Mall, Moden and Arabian Marabea , most notably the Czech Cheese Abajor Smith Restaurant and the Steakhouse Restaurant on the golf course.

Akoya Dubai Beaches: –

Due to the availability of water sprinklers and fountains, the cold atmosphere spreads as an alternative to the lack of beaches, but it can go to Jumeirah Beach in 40 minutes.

Features and Activities: 

  • It will include a range of skyscrapers, the Dara Neforsist project and the Vestalox project and can go through waterways and garden-surrounded corridors.
  • There is the possibility of exercising leadership and access to the enchanting capability lakes.
  • Also easy access to the heritage village of Marmoum through E77 Street which contains The Skins Stadium.

Beauty and fitness centers: –

  • Many of these centres are equipped with latest devices.

Annual Festivals: –

  • Al Marmoum Heritage Festival features live shows, folk cuisine, craft market and camel racing.

Spread of tourist places in Akoya Dubai: –

  • Tropical rainforests, forest exploration, climbing and scenic nature reserves exist.
  • A great hanging walkway is available for transporting tourists over trees
  • Spa for hydrothermal treatments and rock pools.

Services in Akoya Dubai:

Many services are available at the complex, including:

Residential Complexes in Akoya Dubai: –

There are many desired residential complexes such as:

  • Aster
  • Amragh
  • Zenia
  • Sekamur
  • Primrose
  • Banu Verde
  • Ador
  • Juniper
  • Corsetia
  • Claret.

Hotels in Akoya Dubai: –

There are many 5-star luxury hotels that will include 2,000 rooms at a global level.

Parking in Akoya Dubai: 

Parking is available for each apartment and private bike lanes.

Transport in Akoya Dubai: –

There are main streets for easy movement where the station in the vicinity such as Mira station is used.

Supermarket in Akoya Dubai: –

  • Carrefour Supermarket is available to provides the needs of residents as well as Spinnis on Al Qadra Street.

Mosques and places of worship: –

  • Abdullah Mosque is 25 minutes from E77 Street.
  • Churches in Jebel Ali.

Schools in Akoya Dubai: –

  • There are few schools in neighbouring areas, most notably Jebel Ali School and Southview School in Dubai Land.

Nurseries in Akoya Dubai: –

  • There is a step-by-step nursery in Leanne
  • The Wonderers Nursery in Ramram.

Higher education in Akoya Dubai: –

For higher education you must travel to the academic city where American University and Heriot’s Dubai as well as Zayed University and Dubai University.

Hospitals and clinics in Akoya Dubai: 

  • The place is still in development, there are no hospitals, but there is a Medicinic Park View Hospital on Umm Suqim Street.
  • Aster Clinic in Arabian Marabea is only 18 minutes away.

Here we have come to the end of our article which collects all the information about Akoya Dubai to make it easier for you dear reader to choose when searching properties for sale in Dubai.

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