Villas for sale in Dubai Al Khawaneej | Price trend to buy a villa

We will talk in details about Villas for sale in Dubai Al Khawaneej, as Al Khawaneej area is one of the distinguished areas in Dubai, where the government decided to invest agriculturally in this area, and this area is considered to be one of the desert agricultural area..Once you are willing to buy a villa, you can acquire one of the villas for sale in Dubai, specifically in Al Khawanej area,which we will provide you with more details about through  MSKNK website.

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About Al Khawaneej

al khawaneej district is one of  the most  important areas in Dubai and it is considered one of the important projects that were launched by Meraas Holding Company, one of the leading real estate development companies in the United Arab Emirates. In the area, there are many types of properties in the project through msknk

The area for Al Khawaneej project is located in the Emirate of Dubai, close to Al Aweer area. Al Khawaneej 1 is surrounded to the south by an agricultural flat known as Wadi Al Amrdi, and mirdif is close to it.

The properties of Al Khawaneej, Dubai

There are villas for sale or rent in Al Khawaneej project in Dubai, and the types of apartments in Al Khawaneej allow the customer to buy the apartment that is compatible with the financial capabilities and according to the space of the housing. As for the freehold properties in the project, there are lands in the area that have been allocated for ownership and are considered among The most suitable options for investment, as it is accepted by many expatriates of all foreign nationalities, and there are villas that contain from 4 to 5 rooms, and the number of rooms in some villas reaches 6, and these villas provide master rooms, an external kitchen, laundry rooms, and areas suitable for parking.

Why should you buy a villa in Al Khawaneej Dubai?

Searching for Properties for sale in Dubai requires that a person has all the information about any residential area in Dubai. There are a number of advantages that properties  in Al Khawaneej have, as it is considered one of the areas in which a group of distinct units are available. Living in a villa in Al Khawaneej achieves many advantages, including the presence  of residents in an area with neighborhoods designed specifically for upscale living, and it is close to the various facilities that the citizen needs.

Owning a villa in Al Khawaneej gives you the comfort of living, as the space expands with the availability of various luxurious and higher livelihoods with the possibility of paying the total price of the villa in installments, which facilitates the step of buying the villa according to the available financial capabilities.

Villas price for sale in Al Khawaneej  

According to recent statistics on the region, we find that there are two main housing complexes, the first is Khawaneej and the other is Khawaneej 2. Villas are available with areas of up to 15,000 square feet, and the cheapest apartment in Al Khawaneej, with a price value of 1 million AED.

  • There are villas consisting of 6 rooms, with a price of about 5 million dirhams.
  •  Prices range in general from 5 million to about 20 million dirhams, and this price reaches the number of rooms in the villa to about 9 rooms.

Advantages of living in Al Khawaneej

There are many advantages that everyone who resides or owns housing in the Al Khawaneej project area can enjoy including:

  • There are many options for entertainment, including parks and gardens near the place.
  •  The location is very privileged, as the airport can be reached within 30 minutes by car.
  •  The designs of the units, whether villas or apartments, are not traditional.
  • Villas are one of the most distinctive units surrounded by green and walled squares.
  •  Villas have a swimming pool.
  •  The presence of parking
  •  As for the design of the units and houses from the inside, they respect the Emirati culture, as the facilities are separated from each other for more privacy, and the house includes two councils, two bathrooms, and a room that has been allocated for servants.
  •  The upper floor of the villas is for the family, and includes a living room and a private bathroom.
  • The area is close to many service facilities that citizens need.

Services in Al Khawaneej

Many of the region’s distinctive service levels include the following:

  • Availability of places of worship and mosques in Al Khawaneej area, where these mosques are characterized by their capacity and the beauty of their architectural designs, which are among the most prominent reflections of the nature of Emirati heritage, and among those mosques is the mosque bearing the name of Abdullah bin Rawaha, and there is also the Al Haramain Mosque in the area.
  • There are churches near the area, including those located in Deira, which residents in Al Khawaneej can reach after half an hour.

Universities and schools near Al Khawaneej:

  •  One of the universities near the area is Al-Mizhar Academy, which is an American academy, and can be reached within 25 minutes only.
  • There are some schools that are located near Al Khawaneej, including Ajyal School, an international school, and Athba School, which is a school for girls.
  • There is also a Creative Nursery, as well as the Crystal Nursery, which can be reached within a quarter of an hour.
  • Founders School and Al Mawakeb School are among the most popular schools near the area.

Hospitals near the area:

 There are many hospitals near Al Khawaneej, including Medicare Medical Center and Al Khawaneej Health Center.

  • Aster Hospital in Al Qusais and close to Al Khawaneej, which is only 20 minutes away.
  • Thumbay Hospital of Dubai, as well as Zulekha Hospital.
  •  There are many centers that provide veterinary services for different types of pets.

Shopping centers in the area:

  • Al Khawaneej malls, which are among the most important shopping centers in the region, where there are many shops that help meet the various family requirements, such as restaurants, various entertainment venues, and sports and fitness centers.
  • Arabian Center is one of the most important shopping centers near Al Khawaneej.
  • Many stores and supermarkets.

Al Khawaneej Restaurants:

  • Dubai Al Khawaneej Restaurant serving local and international dishes.
  • There is a Café X that serves light meals and hot drinks.
  • Rossery House is one of the restaurants serving Indian food.
  •  Poco Restaurant, which serves dishes from the Mexican cuisine.

Activities you can do in Al Khawaneej

There are a range of activities that residents can practice in the area, including recreational activities, as its location is close to The Yard area, which is known as the square, and it contains places designated for sitting. Mushrif Park is also located in the area, which is among the distinguished public parks.

It is possible to do many activities related to exercise, where Barkat Al Khawaneej Park is available, and it is possible for all lovers of cycling or walking to do it around Baraka Park and Garden.

There is also an equestrian club in the area, as well as Al-Ittihad Football Club, as well as Al-Jaziri Sports Club. On the other hand, there are many salons and beauty centers such as the Urban Look Salon for men, and the Beauty Lounge for women.

Villas for sale in Dubai Al Khawaneej are among the most important things that many people  who wish to live in this area wonder about, as there are many villas characterized by modern design, with these villas offered to the customer with price differences achieved by the differences in spaces and the number of attached rooms, which provides the customer with the freedom to choose according to the available capabilities.

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