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فلل للبيع في أبو ظبي محمد بن زايد

Villas for sale in Mohammed bin Zayed City that combine modern life and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The city has the advantages of making it the best choice for many Emiratis and other nationalities. In this article, we will learn all about your risk of living in Mohammed bin Zayed City Abu Dhabi.

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About Mohammed Bin Zayed City

 In honor of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, UAE President and in recognition of his efforts, the project in Abu Dhabi was named after Mohammed bin Zayed. This is a newly established residential project. However, it has become one of the first destinations preferred by investors in Abu Dhabi. Mohammed bin Zayed City has residential units divided into villas and apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi equipped with all services and the city’s most distinctive feature is its presence near Abu Dhabi International Airport International Airport.

Location of Mohammed Bin Zayed City

 It is located on the periphery of Abu Dhabi City, as well as its proximity to Dubai, So, it was strategically positioned to make it the first city in property investment. In this City, there are some 34 sub-residential complexes are located on an area of 45 square km of Abu Dhabi Emirate. Construction of a large number of residential units from apartments and  Villas for sale in Abu Dhabi  has been completed, but there are few residential units still under construction.

Villa Spaces in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

 Villas spaces in the city start from 3,000 square feet and graduate in the number of rooms up to 15,000 square feet and may increase due to the increasing number of rooms in villas and green spaces surrounding them.

Benefits of living in Villas in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

  • It is most characterized by its security and the provision of a safe environment for its inhabitants.
  • There are separated spaces between residential units within the city allowing open spaces that make it healthier environment than closed units.
  • Suitable prices of the units make them more suitable for families.
  • The city is close to the service and public facilities which the residents need.
  • Living there reflects the quiet life and is completely away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • The city provides villas and apartments for rent at prices that emulate the design quality standards of these units.
  • Malls and Shopping centers are existed like Abu Dhabi Mall, has made the city a settlement for families and people.
  • It is about half and hour away from Abu Dhabi which makes it a little isolated for those who prefer a life of isolation and tranquility away from noise. This is a good opportunity to take advantage of a residential unit.

Villas price trend in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

 This neighborhood is characterized by a calm atmosphere as mentioned earlier, which makes the city one of the best residential destinations and the best area to buy and sell villas and apartments in Mohammed bin Zayed Abu Dhabi according to the prices traded by the commercial market in the UAE. The prices came as follows:

  • The average low price of four-room villa for sale was approximately AED 5.7 million.
  • The average sale of villas was approximately AED 5.9 and 6,000,000 million.
  • Price of Villas consisting of 8 bedrooms varies from AED 10 million to AED 12 million.

So, prices diversity is due to the space and rooms number of villas and prices averaging between AED 4 million to AED 18 million. Considering that most of these newly built units are still vacant and ready to be lived in. In addition, a number of units are available at the same advance prices but are still under construction. 

 The general space of five-room villa is approximately 6.500 to 10,000 square feet.

Why you should own in Mohammed Bin Zayed City?

 Although Mohammed bin Zayed City in has been equipped with all service facilities but you can feel that you live away from the city which makes the feeling of loneliness creep up on you sometime, this is due to the remoteness it from Abu Dhabi’s main city. However, many prefer to live there, invest in Properties for sale in Abu Dhabi in it, yet the city has a number of advantages that make it a reason to live in:

  • The city contains a variety of properties and their prices are suitable for everyone.
  • It approaches well-known scientific institutions, schools, educational institutes and nurseries.
  • Most of its properties consist of luxurious villas with outstanding design finesse.
  • The city links a vital road network in Abu Dhabi.
  • It includes a public park and private gardens.
  • Its residential units are very suitable for families and individuals.

Services in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

 Mohammed bin Zayed City becomes one of the most attractive cities for residents and investors in villas sale and purchasing as it is characterized by providing all the facilities and residential services to its residents.

Schools and Educational Institutes Services

 The city suits families as it includes schools, institutes and nurseries. The schools are diverse, making it an opportunity for parents to choose.

  • Al Dhafra Private School
  • English International School
  • Ajyal School 
  • AlDana School
  • Happy Jump Nursery
  • Little Helpers Nursery


 Mohammed bin Zayed City has a number of shops covering all areas of the city,

  • Millennium Flower Cosmetics.
  • Mini Brands Clothing 
  • AlGhazl Traders
  • Tarzan Pet Shop
  • Golden Star Bakes

Clinics and hospitals

 There are a number of hospitals that serve the city by all advanced medical means.

  • Phoenix Hospital
  • Bareen International Hospital
  • Midiclinic
  • Acacia Advanced Medical Center
  • Mohammed bin Zayed City Health Care Center


 The City has a number of restaurants offering the finest Eastern and Western cuisine and fast food with cafes to gather families and friends, including:

  • Family Restaurant
  • Al Andalusi Palace 
  • Prime Sushi

Beaches near Mohammed bin Zayed City

 For those who want to hike on beaches near Mohammed bin Zayed, they must go to Yas Beach half an hour from the city, and close to Saadiyat Beach, 45 minutes by car.

Houses of worship in Mohammed bin Zayed City

 The city has a number of mosques scattered around, the Church of Jesus Christ and a Hindu temple for Indians in the UAE is under construction.

Banks and financial institutions in Mohammed bin Zayed City

 For banking transactions; the withdrawal and deposit of funds, you will find a number of banks in the city, including:

  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  • ADCB
  • Bank Of Baroda
  • Emirates Islamic Bank

At the end, Mohammed bin Zayed City is one of the most important areas attracting investors and those wishing to live. Villas are characterized by civilized designs. The number of rooms in these villas and the spaces accordingly varies prices that make the choice of the customer better.

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